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CB Sports Performance



We all like to perform at our best. Whether it be in sport, our careers or cooking Christmas dinner.


Our philosophy is that peak performance stems from feeling good and embracing the fact that there is never an easy way to the top. 

 At CB Sports Performance, we offer Sports Massage and Cycle Coaching services to get you feeling and performing at your best.


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CB Sports Massage
CB Cycle Coaching
Chris Booth Cyclist Giant Kendal


A British Cycling level 3 Track and Road/TT qualified cycling coach with experience working professionally as an endurance coach within the Great Britain Cycling Team.


I am a fully qualified and experienced Sports Massage Therapist providing treatments in Galgate, Lancaster. 

An educational background in sport science and a master's degree in sport psychology provides me with excellent knowledge as to how to make both physical and mental gains in performance.

Bike racer for Giant Kendal and a keen fell runner/triathlon hybrid athlete. 

Chris Booth Sports Massage Therapist & Cycling Coach
CB Sports Massage

Sports massage is proven to release and reduce tension in muscles, improve circulation and encourage the removal of waste products e.g. lactic acid and can help to relax the body. All of this helps promote recovery and reduces the chance of muscle injury. 

It can also be used as a treatment for postural defects as well as for everyday and occupational overuse activities such as office workers sitting at a desk. Most importantly, it makes you feel good!

CB Sports Massage offers both 30 and 60 minute appointments from our home clinic in Galgate, We also offer a remote service for those who are time crunched and would prefer treatment from the comfort and convenience of their own home. ​

CB Cycle Coaching

Do you want support to achieve your cycling goals?

Are you time compressed and want to train effectively with the time you have? 

Do you want to develop and find out what you are capable of on the bike? 

Whatever your goal or level, if you are a road and/or crit racer, a triathlete, a track endurance rider, a time triallist, a hill climb specialist or preparing for that big sportive/challenge event  - you could benefit from CB Cycle Coaching to develop and get faster on the bike whilst having fun and feeling good in the process. 

Find out about our coaching packages below:



(£40/month for youth riders aged between 14-16)

  • Free consultation via phonecall to discuss you, your goals and how coaching could work for you (approx 30-60 mins).

  • Training prescription set weekly through TrainingPeaks - adaptable subject to reasonable notice.

  • Periodised bespoke Annual Training Plan.

  • Weekly analysis of training data and training peaks comments.

  • Training zones for power and/or heart-rate set and reviewed every 3 months.

  • Performance benchmarks and progression tracking.

  • Regular communication available via phonecall, WhatsApp & email - as initiated by athlete.

  • Guidance and support for race calendar and strategy.

  • Support and guidance with wider aspects of training, including mental training, nutrition, time management, long-term development.




A roadworthy bike, Heart rate monitor (minimum), Free Training Peaks account, indoor training facilities e.g. turbo trainer/wattbike.




This package offers a highly affordable alternative for those that already have a high degree of autonomy and independence with their training.


If you have goals in mind and would simply like training sessions and a progressive plan to work towards them then this package would suit you. 

  • Free consultation via phone call to discuss you, your goals and how coaching could work for you (approx 30-60 mins)

  • Establish time to train and receive training plans progressing towards selected goals.

  • Training analysis and prescription provided once every four weeks via trainingpeaks.

  • Training zones for power and/or heart rate set and reviewed quarterly.

  • Contact limited to monthly communication via phone/message/email - initiated by the athlete.


Indoor training facility and a roadworthy bike.

Greg Lemond Cycling quote

“It never gets easier, you just get faster"

Greg LeMond

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